Fanart Gokudera/Lambo

Artist: me
rating: pg
charas: Hayato and Lambo
warning: duuh...BAAAAAAAAAWss and Gokudera being a little messed up (AS USUAL i would say)
title: big brother (very creative I KNOW, it's 2 am ok? pls T_T)
comment: i'm in love with Hayato's face, it's exactly what i wanted to do: exausted, a bit sad and pale, eyes a bit void. ok...there is tons of other things i don't like in this pic but...Hayato's face. that's all.

link to my deviant art: here we go
link to a close up on the face:there we go

thanks for looking, feedback appreciated. <3~~ 



 okaaaaay...I'm a day late.
i was in time in fact...but i just suck to much at colouring so.....i leave it alone for tonight and post the line only.
let's pretend he's in his early 20, because since tenipuri exist he should be.

Collapse )

i just love him too much. 

(and yeah...without glasses...because...because...i like it! TT)

First Post

Ok, so Hello everybody and Welcome.

I'm starting this journal today, october the six (my dog anniversary, horay big day he's 10 years old!).
The name is Bethlam.
(My best friend is the great Senri who you must add. TT)
Current dreams are being a novelist and illustrate my own stories and to do some comics alongside.
For the first post i'll introduce two original Charas: deadly, cruel and totally crazy!
You go for it!
Gatling Boy and Foxy Divinity!

And one random Gaara....the Naruto madness has come to my brain.TT
Sabaku Child

I have some Tenipuri fanarts in my sleeve...
BattlePuri ones (I am the friend mentionned in Senri I'm not stealing any ideas from her. I swear. TT/)).
Then if you want to see them...stay tuned! =)